Campana pots and pans feature the patented Fast & Simple ™ system allowing the freedom of detaching the handle from your cookware in a fast and easy, yet safe and secure fashion. With a simple flip of the wrist, the ergonomically designed Happy Handle can be changed and secured on any pot or pan in the Campana line.

Campana, free of protruding handles, is versatile and multi-purpose – from the fridge to the stove, the oven to the table all in one pot! Handles, normally sticking out at all angles on the stove top, are no longer a safety hazard with the Fast & Simple ™ system – simply remove and replace the handles as required! The ingenious system allows for easy stacking optimizing space inside cupboards and drawers perfect for every kitchen – from Condos to RVs. Free of protruding handles, Campana can be loaded in the dishwasher with greater efficiency optimizing load capacity and saving water and energy.

The Campana system is environmentally friendly, with increased recyclability, smaller packaging and decreased transportation costs, reducing its carbon foot print.